Monster Liquid Latex - Dries CLEAR - Creates Zombie Skin and FX

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All-Natural Latex Made from the Rubber Tree; Cruelty-Free General Purpose Adhesive; Use it to Make Monster and Zombie Skin, and Create 3D Wrinkles Perfect for Making Realistic-Looking Scars, Gashes, and Other Wounds on Your Skin Use with Cotton and Tissue Paper to Build Up Effects; Can Be Painted After Drying More Flexible than Regular Glue; Dries Quickly; Dries Clear; Peels Off Monster Liquid Latex will make your dreams-and nightmares-come true. Use it to create ghoulish monster and zombie skin and other effects. It can be painted, so choose your monster’s color, add fake blood, and go for it! It’s versatile, too. Use it to fashion grotesque gashes, unsightly wounds, and horrifying cuts. Helps to blend edges, which makes your makeup job more professional-looking. Great for Halloween or costume parties. Grab some Monster Liquid Latex today and start your journey into fake, but realistic-looking special effects.



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