Moon Glow - Blacklight Neon UV Pigment Shaker 0.1oz Set of 8 - Glows brightly under Blacklights/UV Lighting! Use on the face/body, as loose eye shadow and for nail art

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Create stunning effects using Moon Glow Neon Pigment Shakers. Bright, neon coloured in natural lighting, they fluoresce spectacularly under UV Lighting / Blacklights, producing an incredible UV Glow. Perfect for clubbing, parties, festivals, UV sports, stage performances and anywhere with UV Lighting. To use, remove the protective film and shake directly from the shaker. Or alternatively, remove the insert and apply using finger tips. The pigment will stick best to slightly damp skin or a fixative gel but can be used directly onto the skin. All Moon Glow cosmetic and special effect products are proudly made in the UK. Conforms to EU1223/2009. Moon Glow products are not tested on animals. Set includes Neon UV Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Purple.



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