NATURACTOR Cover Foundation Spotscover concealer 20g (151)

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Naturactor Cover Face is the most popular concealer foundation in Japan. It's perfect and smooth coverage makes any skin type amazingly flawless! It is non comedogenic and does not cake on your face. Unlike most makeup, the longer it stays on your face the more amazing it will look! It will instantly cover blemishes, make pores invisible and give that baby smooth, perfect skin that everyone will surely compliment. Shade Guide 130: light color, make pale or dull skin a rosy effect look more youthful, suitable for very fair skin tone. delicate,especially for bridal make up. 140: light in color for slightly deeper color than the 130, suitable for fair skin tone. 141: medium color and skin color natural fit yet translucent effect, suitable for fair skin tone as shading. The color transition of natural, soft, suitable for stage makeup studio makeup. Suitable for medium skin tone. 151: Good coverage for face defects and shading, suitable for malay skin tone. 171: Green neutralizes any redness on your face, from broken blood vessels, blemishes, irritation etc. It helps inhibit red complexion effectively cover the red spots left by acne.



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