NAWAZJEE Electric Head Hair Pitbull Skull Shaver, Waterproof, Wet and Dry Rotary Razor, Cordless,USB Rechargeable, Men Bald Head Shaver Grooming Kit, Nose Ear Face and Body Trimmer, Multifunctional

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Head shaver for men, self head shaver, titanium head shaver, scalp razors for men, guy shaver, cordless head shaver, best head razor, effortless head shaving must have shaver fir bald guys, skull head shaver for men, waterproof bald head shaver, men hair shaver, bald head razor, hair shaver for men bald, headshavers, scalp shavers, balder pro, de razor head, electric head shaver, bald head buffer, bald head shavers, pitbull shavers, skull shaver. The shaver features a double ring design on the cutter head that increases the contact area between the knife mesh and the face for efficient shaving. The heads of the shaver will automatically sharpen during shaving, extending the life of the shaver. The product also comes with a 5-in-1 grooming kit that includes a shaving head, hair clipper, 3 guide combs, nose hair trimmer, cleaning brush, and massage brush. The shaver has a strong 8,500 rpm motor drive and is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. Additionally, the shaver is waterproof and has an upgraded rechargeable battery with a 45 minute run time. HyperFlex Technology The product being advertised is a multifunctional electric shaver and trimmer set that includes 4 attachments: a shaver head for bald head or leg shaving, a facial cleansing brush, a nose and ear hair trimmer, and a hair trimming attachment with 3 trimming guards for different hair and beard lengths. Electric heads, Butt shaver,Bald men,Bold head shaver,titanium head shaver,shaver for bald head men, bald head razor,head electric shaver,earnie shaver, circular head shaver,military head shaver,best-electric-shaver-for-bald-head.head trimmers for bald head.The shaver head has 5 flexible blades that adapt to the contour of the head for Bald head shaver pitbull, razor to shave head bald, rotary head shaver, jinding head shaver, rotary shaver, men's rotary shaver, skull shaver for men, electric shaver for head, scalp razor for bald men, best electric shaver for bald men



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