Organic Jagua Black Temporary Tattoo and Body Painting Premium Kit

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Create SAFE and fun temporary tattoos using this premium Jagua tattoo kit by Earth Henna. Use for all occasions, these temporary tattoos look just like real tattoos and last 1-2 weeks! Dermatologically lab tested for safety, the creators of this kit have ensured this product is up to standards and safer than any other product on the market. Completely safe for children and adults alike, this kit can be used by the entire family! Earth Henna’s Jagua extract comes straight from the Peruvian Amazon. It is purchased directly from their working partners, the Matsés people, who organically harvest the Jagua fruit in the wild and ship the juice fresh during each season. No trees are ever cut down to create this product and a portion of the sales are donated to the Matsés community for healthcare needs. Earth Henna's Jagua kit includes: (1) professional applicator bottle with 3 different exchangeable tips, (2) 40 stencil transfers featuring some of Lakaye Studio's most popular tattoo designs (or you can create your own freehand!), (3) a bottle of natural eucalyptus oil for the stencil transfer, (4) one dropper for adding just the right amount of water to your freeze-dried organic Jagua powder, (5) enough Earth Jagua gel for 10-15 tattoos, and (6) clear, illustrated, step-by-step written instructions for foolproof application process; Warnings before using Earth Jagua gel- Although rare, allergic reactions to natural products are not uncommon (think strawberries or peanuts). All persons using Earth Jagua Gel should check the ingredients list to check for potential allergic reactions. For external use only. Earth Jagua Gel should not be taken internally. Avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, flush with water. Lastly, USAtoZ is the exclusive retailer of this product on Listing and selling this kit by another retailer is STRICTLY restricted.



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