Panasonic ES-SL41-S Arc3 Electric Razor, Men's 3-Blade Cordless with Built-in Pop-Up Trimmer, Wet or Dry Operation

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The Panasonic Milano men's 3-blade wet-dry shaver delivers close, convenient shaving with three ultra-sharp stainless-steel Nanotech inner blades. Each blade in this shaving machine is precision honed to a perfect 30° edge, and each works together with ultra-thin Arc 3 foils to gently conform to the contours of the face, chin and neck for maximum ease. The quick-pivot head in the Panasonic Arc 3 glides effortlessly along the skin for even, consistent results. A high-power linear drive motor maintains continuous shaver power for a consistently smooth and even shave. For total wet dry convenience, the 100% washable Panasonic Arc 3 provides a clean, comfortable shave when used dry or in the shower with gel or foam. And for the perfect finish, a super-sharp pop-up trimmer adds detail to beards, mustaches and sideburns. Cleaning the ES-SL41 is quick and simple. Just switch open the dual water shutters in the Arc 3 shaving head and rinse clean under warm running water. A stylish AC charging stand and protective travel holder are included for shaving at home or while traveling.



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