Panasonic Face Shaver Ferie ES-WF41-P (Pink)?Japan Domestic genuine products??Ships from JAPAN?

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A thin blade of about 0.12mm that is gentle on the skin.. You can shave cleanly without water.

Shaving fine Ubu hair cleanly. Makeup glue, for smooth and long-lasting skin
Approximately 0.12 mm thin blade that is gentle on the skin with a round blade

? Cut from the root with a thin blade with a thickness of about 0.12 mm
? Round cutting edge that does not easily damage the skin
? Economical because it has a long-lasting stainless steel blade
A mechanism to pinch and cut hair with two blades.

? Shave without soap or lotion
? Can be used over makeup when you notice

Fine Ubu hair is also clean. Makeup glue, for long-lasting skin

[Model test method] Measurement site: Temple. An example of a woman (19-34 years old) who has not been grooming her hair for more than 2 months



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