Philips Norelco 2500, S1311/82, Dry Electric Men's 2000 Series Shaver with Corded/Cordless Operation, Pop-up Trimmer, Self-Sharpening Blades & Charging Status Display

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Norelco Shaver 2500 (S1311/82) Series 2000 Dry Electric Shaver The Norelco S1311/82 dry electric shaver of 2500 Series offers you a closer shave even in hard-to-reach areas. The S1311/82 features Pop-up trimmer and is perfect for trimming your sideburns and mustache. This shaver is designed to operate in both Corded and cordless mode. You will get 45 minutes of cordless shaving time, that's about 15 shaves, after 1 hour of charging. Or just plug it in for instant, continuous power. S1311/82 Features:
? Men's Series 2000 Dry Electric Shaver 2500
? Comfort Cut Blade System: Get a clean shave that's comfortable on your skin. Rounded blade caps shield 27 self-sharpening blades to gently cut hair just above skin level and help the shaver glide smoothly over your skin.
? One-touch Open for Cleaning: Clean the shaver with ease. At the touch of a button, flip open the shaver head and rinse with water.
? Self-Sharpening Blades: The durable self-sharpening blades sharpen themselves as they work so your shave is always fast and close.
? Popup Trimmer: Finish your look with the built-in trimmer. It’s ideal for maintaining your mustache and trimming your sideburns.
? 4 Direction Flex Head: Experience a convenient clean shave with heads that flex and float in 4 directions. The head adjusts to the curves of your face, ensuring smooth contact with your skin without a lot of pressure.
? Corded / Cordless Operation: Up To 45 Minutes Operation Time - Up To 15 Shaves - Full Charge Time 1 Hour - Charging Status Display
? Ergonomic Design for Comfort Grip



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