Promade Fans Lashes 600 Pcs Loose Fans 10D 0.07mm C Curl Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions 9-14mm Mixed Length Multiple Options Pro Made Fans Eye Lash Extensions Easy Application Long Lasting(10D 0.07 C 9-14 mix)

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Obeyalash offer promade fans in 3D~11D 0.07mm thickness C/D curl 8mm~17mm length. You can use Obeya Promade fans to create every lash style. Your clients can get great results with different lengths. Obeya Promade lash fans handcrafted by skilled lash artist, lash fans are symmetrical and evenly spaced. Tiny adhesive bases are used for best bonding results, very lightweight. The Loose Fans Lash Extensions offer a much more genuine lasting experience and look. Promade Fans Lashes come in a box of 1,000 fans (only 3.5 cents per fan). 1000 (+1%) loose fans, the amount is correct. 8.3 times the amount of normal 12 rows lash trays. That's enough to serve 6-9 clients. This lash tray offers unbeatable value for the price. 8mm~17mm mixed length in one tray, a lot more cost effective than having to buy each length separately. Loose fans lash extensions are easier to use while working compared to normal tape lash trays. You can quickly pick up and apply eyelash fans with tweezers?the Promade fans are not attached to the tape, the premade fans won’t fall apart, moreover eyelashes are clean without residue.



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