QIUFSSE 2PCS Aloe Vera Lipstick, Moisturizing Aloe Lipstick Magic Temperature Color Change Lipstick Lip Balm Lip Stain Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Makeup

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Say goodbye to dry and pale lip colors. Aloe vera lip balm allows you to have long-lasting moisturizing lips, lip color that changes with temperature changes, your exclusive lip color. Features: 1. Discoloration, as the temperature and humidity change, the lip color will change. 2. Moisturizing and maintenance, rich in nutrients, repair the lip skin, lock in moisture for a long time, and keep the lips moist and full. 3. Soft and comfortable, only need to apply lightly, you can soften and moisturize dry lips, and enjoy the refreshing and comfortable all day long. 4. Enjoy kissing, kissing your lover, baby, if you accidentally eat it, there will be no effect. Tips: 1. Please store in a cool place, and cover when not in use. 2. Please keep out of reach of children.



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