Reviva Labs Makeup Primer

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Since our founding in 1973, Reviva Labs has had one goal - to create safe, effective skin treatments that produce visible results at a reasonable price. Excellent natural skincare that’s affordable and works! That is why generations of skincare enthusiasts have fallen in love with our skincare over the last 48+ years. It makes us smile when we hear from families who are using our products - grandmothers, daughters, and granddaughters too. Within our walls, visitors quickly discover our ”family” includes other families who have worked here so long often generations span mothers and daughters, aunts, nieces, nephews, and cousins all working side by side. However, what we're most proud of is the acknowledgement we hear from our customers that Reviva extends within their families too, mothers sharing their “secret for beautiful skin” with their daughters and then with their granddaughters too. It is almost overwhelming for “us” to recognize Reviva Labs has become a genuine brand trusted and shared from one generation to the next. Stephen’s and Judy's dream found them planting the seed - five decades ago - that has since blossomed into a brand loved and trusted across generations and around the world. Reviva continues to develop excellent natural skin care. And after creating superior natural skin care for nearly half a century - we’re just getting started. As we enter our 48th year, we have renewed our commitment to being a leader in the natural skin care industry, and we will continue to keep Stephen and Judy’s vision growing by creating unsurpassed natural skin care he would be proud of - and that our customers love. Moreover, for the following decades, Reviva Labs will work to be The Natural Skin Care Authority for generations to come.



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