ROARHOWL sexy temporary tattoos for women,sexy tattoo kit, beautiful and exquisite,3D realistic flowers, butterflies, abdomen, chest, waist and back apply false tattoos for girl (Design 3)

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This are good sized sheets, with correspondingly large temporary tattoos (relative to most other temporary tattoos). The tattoos are based on a flower theme, with some butterflies. The butterflies can be applied alone, or in conjunction with a flower tattoo. The temporary tattoos exhibit good graphic detail. They are very easy to apply. Wash and thoroughly dry the target skin area. Cut and trim the desired tattoo. Remove the protective clear plastic covering and position the tattoo onto the skin. Use a wet cloth or sponge (we used a wet paper napkin), and rub the back of the tattoo to transfer the image to the skin, for 10 - 20 seconds. Don't drench the tattoo, but massage the tattoo backing with the wet cloth. Gently lift the paper backing, and allow the tattoo to fully dry. A tip, from previous temporary tattoo experience. After washing and drying the target skin area, use an alcohol pad to wipe down the skin, and allow to air dry (which should happen quickly). The alcohol cleaning will remove any oils (natural body oils and any oil that might come from the soap/cleanser used). This will create a hospitable reception site for the temporary tattoo. It will transfer better, with details, and last longer. Another tip: if possible have another person apply the tattoo. Due to the size, and depending on the target location, it'll be much easier to have another person performing the transfer, while the recipient remains still. If you're doing it yourself, you might have to bend, twist or reach to rub the white cloth over the tattoo backing. This could disturb the placement of the tattoo, and effect the final results.



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