TataTattoos Temporary Realistic Nipple/Areola Tattoos - Small, Cream (4 Pack)

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Designed and founded by a breast cancer survivor, TataTattoos temporary areola/nipple tattoos are here to help you “Put the ooh-la-la back on your tatas.” TataTattoos are temporary, realistic images of nipple/areola tattoos designed for women who’ve undergone a mastectomy and are waiting to undergo reconstructive breast surgery, or for those choosing not to. *PLEASE NOTE: Read the description carefully. They DO NOT PROTRUDE, rather are flat temporary tattoos of REALISTIC 3-D IMAGES of areola/nipples. Founded by a breast cancer survivor, TataTattoos is here to remind you that: -Everything is temporary. -You are more than your breasts, and your body. -You are beautiful. -You are loved and valued. -When you’re going through hell…keep going.



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