TOUCHBeauty Electric Shaver for Women, Razor Cordless for Silky & Smooth Skin, Wet/Dry, Best for Travel AG-1459P(Pink)

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Product Function Description

Shaving head with three blades easily and effortlessly follows body contours providing efficient and close shaving experience.

Specially made stainless-steel and hypoallergenic blades - durable and safe to use on sensitive skin, does not irritate, cut or nick the skin.

We bring you the convenience of wet and dry shaving, suitable to use in the shower or for convenient and fast dry shaving.

The included trimmer comb easily helps to shorten long hair without pulling or tugging.

Suitable to shave different body areas: arms, armpits, bikini line and legs.

Oval shape design perfectly fits in the palm of the hand for comfortable use.

Portable design and battery powered for cordless operation - allow using the device anywhere and anytime, travel-friendly.

Includes a protective cap to protect the blades and a cleaning brush to easily clean the blades.



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