Unicorn Snot Holographic Hi-Def Cosmetic Glitter - Face & Body Glitter - for Hair, Nails, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow Makeup - Vegan & Gluten Free - 0.10oz/3g (Pout/Holographic Blue)

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The truth is that Unicorn Snot started as a joke. We came up with the name and just thought it was so funny that we had to do something with it but we didn’t know what. We would talk to all of our friends about it and the more we played with the idea, the more we realized that if Unicorn Snot was a real thing, it wouldn’t be gross. It would be beautiful. And magical. But our real “aha moment” came when it dawned on us that, if Unicorn Snot was real - like really real - you’d want to rub it all over yourself. Suddenly it wasn’t a joke anymore. We spent the next year or so perfecting the formula. We needed to get it ‘just right’. Our goal seemed simple - it had to sparkle all on its own but also get out of the way if you wore it with other makeup - but it was easier said than done. When we finally got our first real jar of Unicorn Snot we were so excited! It was perfect. Of course, when we finally showed it to people in the cosmetics industry… we got laughed out of the room. (Ah, the life of a unicorn.)



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