VENZEN Beauty Cream Clear Cover Natural Make Up Nourish Moisturizes Protection Professional Skin Care 2 Colors (#02)

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(DESCRIPTION) Originally developed as a salve for patients after laser treatments, it's safe to say thavenzen clear cover beauty cream make up have come a long way (especially when the first wave left a lot to be desired in the coverage department). Miss ha's Perfect Cover Venzen clear cover beauty cream make up gives you the best of both worlds with a nourishing formula that protects and moisturizes the skin while offering full coverage and a smooth finish. No wonder this beauty is loved by many and has sold over 30 million pieces worldwide. (HOW TO USE) Apply evenly onto the skin and gently pat to blend out. (SKIN TYPE) All skin face type Face Foundation - kushon has a very light mousse structure. The composition is evenly applied to the skin, masking irregularities and imperfections. Kushon protects the skin from aggressive environmental factors, including ultraviolet light, provides deep hydration, and prevents moisture loss. It is applied in one thin layer. If there are serious drawbacks, you can cover the desired areas with a second layer. A sponge is also attached to the pendant. It has a fine-pored structure, thanks to which the product is distributed over the skin in a very thin and delicate layer.



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