WES9087PC Outer Foil for ES8101 ES8103 ES8109 ES-GA21 ES-ST23 Shavers

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- New .
- Product Name: Shaver Replacement Foil Screen For Panasonic
- This is an aftermarket foil not manufactured by Panasonic,But the quality is also good.
- Easy to install
- Clean the razor before installing
- Please make sure well your razor model
- Compatible with : ES-LT71-S, ES-LT41-K, ESSL41S-SC-MC07-EPP2, ESSL41S-ERGK40S-ERGN30K-AFF9, ESSL41S-SC-MC07-PUB, ESSL41S-ERGK40S-ERGN30K-PUB8, ES-SL41-S, ES-SL41-A, ES-SL41-W, ES8109S, ES8103S E8101 ES8103 ES8109 ES-GA21 ES-LT20, ES-LT41, ES-LT71, ES-ST25, ES-SL41, ES-ST23 ESGA20 ES8119 ES8109 ES8115 ES8113ES8116 ES8111 ESLT50 ESLT20 ESLT71 ESLT70 ESGA21 ES8101 ES8115ESLC20 ESLC50 ESRC70 ESST23 ESSL40 ESST21 ES8111P Note:If you are not sure whether your machine can use, please contact us.
Package included:
1 x New Shaver Replacement Foil Screen



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