WIROFR Electric Shaver One-Button Use Portable Mini Shaver Electric Razor for Men Rotary, Rechargeable, Wet&Dry, IPX7 Waterproof, Travel, Home, Office, Car (Blue)

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Please read the following cautions carefully before use
Tips: If your shaver doesn't turn on, first make sure you have enough power,
second, turn off travel lock mode by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds before turning it on.
1. All products that require a motor will produce some active noise, which cannot be completely eliminated;
Our electric shaver adopts a high-quality motor that is more silent than many other brands.
2. This is a rotary shaver for everyday shaving. It has a 3D floating head and a long beard groove with a hollow design.
When shaving, please gently press the face and move the shaver slowly several times to keep the blades close to the face and fully trim the hair.
3. This men's shaver has an all-metal body with fine texture and good drop resistance.
The motor speed is as high as 6500RPM, which can make the blade rotate at high speed, and the shave is clean and residue-free.
4. The entire shaver for wet or dry use adopts high-strength waterproof seals and a seven-level waterproof system.
Allowing you to enjoy a dry or wet shave with gel or foam.
5. Type-C charging, bid farewell to the long wait, fully charged for 90 days (two minutes per day).
6. If you are not satisfied with our men's electric shaver, please feel free to contact us.



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