WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Mask with Red Onion Seed Oil Extract and Black Seed Oil, 200 ml

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Worried about unmanageable, tangled, dull hair? Revive your strands post washing with a shine enhancing dose of red onion seed oil and potent antioxidant vitamin C. Onion Hair Serum is just the product for you. It is a shine-enhancing, frizz control, hair growth, hair restoring, water-based hair serum that contains red onion seed oil extract, black seed oil, saw palmetto seed oil, watercress and Indian cress. | What makes the hair serum just right for you? It is loaded with high percentage of natural actives. Red Onion Seed Oil extract is rich in minerals and sulfur that help to strengthen the strands and improve blood circulation to the roots. | Black Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help to add smoothness and shine to your strands. Watercress has antioxidants and is a conditioning active that helps to improve hair texture. Indian Cress is rich in vitamin C that strengthens the strands and prevents breakage. Saw Palmetto Oil has nutrients and fatty acids that prevent breakage and strengthens the strands from inside. | Why do you need onion hair serum? Onion hair serum helps to protect strands and minimize damage like breakage and split ends. It is ideal for adding shine and healthy gloss to your hair. Onion hair serum forms a protective layer over your strands and smoothens rough hair cuticles. Keeps hair manageable through the day. | Do you know why WOW Skin Science products are so good for you? Well, they have none of those harmful chemicals like parabens, mineral oil or silicones. The products have a high concentration of natural actives and is pH balanced. They are dermatologically tested and are made in the beautiful mountain valleys in The Himalayas.



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